Structured Mentorship & Learning Programme

    by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

  • Structured Startup Incubation Program by ACE

    for new or young local companies


    BACECAMP is a one-month structured startup incubation program comprises of mentorship and learning workshops equipping promising early-stage startups with key insights, best practices and capabilities to start and grow.


    With no fee charged and open to Singapore based early-stage startups with in-house tech or innovative ideas, BACECAMP is conducted through 8 sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10AM to 5PM, duration subject to change.


    But ACE support doesn’t end on Demo Day. We and the ACE network continue to help founders on their startup journey.

  • Overview


    Equity taken

    Over 100

    Startups Incubated


    Pitch Days



    Application Opens

    Startups will be accessed based on uniqueness, business model, traction and team


    Startups Shortlisting

    12 startups will be selected, and results announced one week prior to the start date


    Programme Starts

    Includes workshops, talks and mentorships on topics such as BMC, Branding, Sales and Pitching


    Pitch Day

    Promising startups will do a pitch to grant evaluators or investors from ACE network

  • Upcoming Dates


    5th May to 31th May, and 7th June

    2 weekly sessions every Tuesday & Thursday

    10AM - 5PM, subject to changes

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