Zentrix Chiu

Owner / Co-Founder / Business Development, Zion Business Consultancy / The Kettle Gourmet / The Watch Guild / Alvia Group


I have close to 2 decades of expertise in the luxury industry specializing in watches. During this period, I have based overseas in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and recently Cambodia. The nickname, Watch Nanny is given by my peers in the trade is due to the manner I I “nanny” brand owners or “crown princes” in areas such as branding and channel sales. Some of my regional projects include clients like Vietinbank Gold and Jewelery, The Watch International, Citizen Group…etc, which my missions are to clean up the legacy procedures. My goal is simple which is just to help local start ups or Singapore based brands to leverage and expand overseas both regionally and internationally.

Connect with Zentrix Chiu: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zentrix-chiu-637b3b65/