Taras Wankewycz

Founder & CEO, H3 Dynamics Holdings Pte Ltd


Taras Wankewycz has been a deep-tech entrepreneur in Asia for the past 20 years (Shanghai (9 years) and Singapore(10 years)), with a prime focus on hydrogen fuel cell commercialization. His journey evolved from small portable fuel cell power devices to full-scale hydrogen electric heavy-duty vehicles, and hydrogen electric systems for air mobility. Taras’ first company Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies was founded in Singapore (2003) with its main operations in China. Achieving the world’s only profitability milestone years ago, Horizon's recent carve-outs include US-headquartered Hyzon Motors, currently listing on NASDAQ and valued at over $2 Billion. While Hyzon Motors’ mission is to decarbonize commercial vehicle fleets, Taras’ focus for the past 10 years is to decarbonize air mobility. In 2015 he formed H3 Dynamics as a continuation of Horizon’s air mobility lab (HES Energy Systems). Hydrogen air mobility also “started small” with unmanned aircraft applications, engineering custom systems for multiple advanced drone developers, following a first NASA-backed experience.

Connect with Taras Wankewycz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wtaras