• Why be an ACE Mentor?

    Meet quality startups

    Get plugged-in to the startup ecosystem

    Be aware of new ideas and technology trends

    Network and collaborate with a community of prestigious mentors and investors

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    Give back to community

  • Who are we looking for?

    • Preferably 10 years of experience in the areas of mentorship OR previous entrepreneurial experience
    • Able to commit for 1 month (3 x 2h sessions) or conduct a short sharing session


    Share in-depth knowledge about a specific domain

    E.g. finance, logistics, retail, e-commerce etc


    Provide guidance in a specific skill

    E.g. finance & funding, business strategy, human resource, marcomms etc


    Assist startups to gain network access

    E.g. customers, partners, investments, grants etc

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I invest in the startups I mentor?

    To avoid conflict of interest issues, we do not allow mentors to invest in the startups during the mentorship period.

    Do mentors get paid?

    Mentors on the ACE Mentorship Programme volunteer on a pro-bono basis. They are not allowed to ask for cash or equity in the startups that they mentor.

    Do you provide us with any training or resources to help us be more effective mentors?

    The Mentorship Experiential Sharing Session would provide you with the basic knowledge on how to be an effective mentor. This will be a once-a-year session that is FOC for all mentors who sign up.

    Is the Mentorship Experiential Sharing Session mandatory for all mentors?

    We highly encourage attending the session at least once, especially for mentors who are in their first

    year of mentorship with ACE.

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