• Curriculum

  • Business Model Canvas

    Learn to use a strategic management tool to explain and communicate a business idea or concept by going through the basic elements and structuring it in a logical way.

    Pitching and Deck Design

    The Deck Design helps to educate Startups on how to design and create effective pitch decks. The session also teaches key points and details that are essential and useful when startups are doing their pitching.

    Marketing Sizing & Competitive Analysis

    Startups will learn how to measure their market and the various ways to analyse their own business and industry.

    Go-to-Market Strategies

    Startups will learn to formulate and create an effective blueprint on how their business will enter the market.

    Founders Sharing Sessions

    Startups will be exposed to different founders who have found successes in their own industries and learn from their personal experiences.

    Mentorship From Industry Leaders and Professionals

    3 mentorship sessions are provided to the startups to help them better understand and guide them in their business.

    Pitching to a panel of AMPs and VCs

    A pitching session at the end of the course allows startups to pitch their business to AMPS for the StartupSG Founders Grant as well as to VCs for funding.

  • Your Instructors

    Eric Tan | Director, The Resource Group

    Eric is an expert in various aspects of human capital development, financial management, risk management and investment structuring. He is also a mentor for NTU, SMU, IES and ACE.


    Topic: Business Model Canvas

    The process of moving from an idea to the market takes more than just taking the leap. It requires a clear understanding of how the business can create value for the targeted segment through a product or services designed to deliver a value proposition that address a pain or help achieve a desired gain to the customers; and a robust business model is required to go-to-market. The lecture will be conducted using a structured evidence-based learning programme that focuses on the LEAN methodology to help the participants validate their product-market fit using the Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas.


    Connect with Eric Tan: LinkedIn

    Jeffrey Nah | CEO, JN Capital & Growth Advisory

    Jeffrey is Venture Builder, Investor & Lecturer at NTU, NUS, SMU, as well as a mentor and instructor at ACE. He is former banker turned Entrepreneur, Investor and Lecturer with over 40 years experience across 7 countries.


    Topic: Market Sizing & Competitive Analysis

    Learn how to understand market opportunity size and scale along with profiling and targeting the right customers, and the definition of terms like TAM, SAM and SOM, and their importance. Find out the importance of knowing your business’ USP too, how it differentiates your business from competitors, how researching and understanding the competitive landscape will help you greatly, as well as how product, marketing strategy and business model can enable effective competition.

    In the module, learn how to analyse competitive landscape and formulate strategy, market segmentation, product positioning, marketing, distribution, sales strategy, and product-market fit. Crystallise your learnings with real life examples of companies too – where the class will review how Grab identified a market pain point and design their value proposition to address the pain and enhance the gain for its target customers.


    Topic: Go-To-Market Strategy

    Go-To-Market Strategy encapsulate who, what, where and how to sell to. It addresses plans to reach and close the target customers in the market segments chosen to serve with a business’ product positioning. In this class, review with real life examples of companies like Gojek and Fitbit, understanding how they plan and execute their Go-To-Market Strategy: what’s good and what can be better, along with the trade-offs in navigating the new and uncertain world of startups.

    Explore how social media has transformed marketing and how digital marketing has become mainstream in marketing – the world of mass marketing has evolved to 1-to-1 marketing. Increasingly today, we are in the era of RELEVANCE and short attention spans, thus branding has become even more critical in the digital age. In this segment, learn how marketing should be like in an age of RELEVANCE.


    Connect with Jeffrey Nah: LinkedIn

    Balazs Fopoly | Co-founder & Chief Play Officer, Ember Associates

    Balazs Fogoly, a naturalised Singapore citizen born and raised in Hungary, immersed in entrepreneurship early. During his years studying economics and finance at a local university he created and bootstrapped his first startup: Hungary’s first online hotel reservation business, bridging language and technology gaps faced by family-owned hotels at the time. He moved to Singapore at the end of 2005 to study at INSEAD and in 2013 he co-founded a corporate training and executive coaching practice, Ember Associates. In 2018 he became the president of the INSEAD Alumni Entrepreneurship Club Singapore, mentoring startups founded by alumni and organising events for the larger alumni network interested in entrepreneurship.


    Topic: Sales & Marketing Workshop, Deck Design Workshop, Practise Pitch and Pitch Review

    Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone with Balazs Fogoly. In two highly experiential sessions, you will take your skills to pitch – to investors, clients or potential employees – to the next level. Focus and clarify your message and embrace your personality to create a winning deck. And you will also have the opportunity to practice and get feedback from Balazs and your fellow founders in the review session.


    Connect with Balazs Fogoly: LinkedIn

    Lam Hou Yeng | Director (Managed Services), KPMG Singapore

    Hou Yeng is Director within the Managed Services Practice of KPMG.Having over 15 years’ experience at KPMG, with a proven track record in servicing multi-national foreign owned corporations, privately owned companies, family businesses and high net worth individuals has allowed Hou Yeng to provide support and advise clients on accounting assistance, audit, corporate secretarial and payroll compliance services. Her experiences has allowed her to have a broad commercial skill-set across a range of sectors with a key focus of working strategically alongside her clients to help achieve their goals.


    Topic: Tax & Incentives

    Get to learn more about Corporate Statutory Compliance and Incentives with this sharing session! This session would give you an overview of Singapore’s corporate statutory compliance obligations such as Company’s Act, Corporate Income Tax Act and Employment Act.

    The session also covers the types of government grants and incentives available to help your business, such as schemes that allows reduced tax rate or deduction, as well as grants available for internationalisation and innovation.


    Connect with Lam Hou Yeng: LinkedIn

    Lee Bo Han | Director (Enterprise Incentives Advisory), KPMG Singapore

    Bo Han has more than 13 years of experience in grants and incentives consulting and assisted companies from various industries with their grant and incentive applications to various government agencies. He has worked with a variety of companies which spans from multinational listed companies local SMEs and startups. Bo Han also has assisted with more than $1billion worth of R&D tax incentive claims for his clients. Prior to his role with KPMG, he worked as a Biomedical scientist at a leading medical research institute (Walter and Eliza Hall of Medical Research) in Melbourne, Australia specialisingin immunology and virology.


    Topic: Tax & Incentives

    Get to learn more about Corporate Statutory Compliance and Incentives with this sharing session! This session would give you an overview of Singapore’s corporate statutory compliance obligations such as Company’s Act, Corporate Income Tax Act and Employment Act.

    The session also covers the types of government grants and incentives available to help your business, such as schemes that allows reduced tax rate or deduction, as well as grants available for internationalisation and innovation.


    Connect with Lee Bo Han: LinkedIn

    Sam Lee | Partner, Paloe

    Since starting Paloe in 2015, Sam specialises in preparing seed-stage startups for their Series A rounds. He has acted as interim CFO for various tech companies during their fundraising and has built financial models for countless companies. He has successfully raised over USD50 million of capital for tech startups in South-East Asia. Sam will discuss Finance & Accounting in the first session and Valuation & Financial Modeling in the second.


    Topic: Accounting & Finance Sharing, Financial Modelling & Valuation

    Discover the importance of financial accounting and management, and the balance of protecting and creating value in your business – where bookkeeping plays a key role. Learn how to streamline the challenge of bookkeeping, how to decide on the best kind of financial accounting and analysis format for the business, how to build your capabilities by looking at the common mistakes companies make, and more.


    Connect with Sam Lee: LinkedIn

    Kuan Hsu | Co-founder & General Partner, KK Fund

    Kuan is the Co-founder and General Partner at KK Fund. Prior to KK Fund, Kuan was the Principal of GREE Ventures Asia (now known as STRIVE). As one of four founding members of GREE Ventures, the investment arm of Japanese Internet media company GREE, Inc., he built the fund’s Southeast Asia presence and invested in leading regional startups such as Bukalapak (one of the unicorns of Indonesia), Luxola (exited to LVMH), Pie (exited to Google) and Kudo (exited to Grab).


    Topic: Fundraising from VC perspective

    Speaker will share a breakdown of fund-raising environment in Asia and explain the different startup finance stages. Participant will be taught a comparison of pre-seed, seed and series A funding rounds. Find out the valuation vs traction matric to help startup know how much to raise. Sharing of some of the more critical questions which VC typically asked during a fundraising pitch. Learn about the thought process of a VC. The speaker will guide the teams to undergo an internal review and fine tune their fundraising purpose.


    Connect with Kuan Hsu: LinkedIn

    Eric Khoo | Head (Business Development), IPOS International

    Eric heads the Business Development at IPOS International, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. Prior to IPOS International, Eric led the IP and Science Solution Consulting team (Southeast Asia) at Clarivate Analytics, advising clients on their IP challenges in R&D innovation and commercialization. Eric holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Nanyang Technological University and Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property from the National University of Singapore.

    He is also a qualified Project Management professional and a certified WSQ ACLP trainer.


    Topic: IPOS Sharing

    Hidden within every startup and SME lies a treasure trove of intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) such as trade secrets, know-how, patents, brands, and more waiting to be discovered.

    However, not all IAs/IPs are created equal and given the limited resources available, there is a need to know of which assets are “right” for your current stage of business and invest and protect these valuable assets that can help drive growth and revenue for your startup and SME. Find out how you can identify your intangible assets and use them for your business success.


    Connect with Eric Khoo: LinkedIn